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Inappropriate Name Change Free!

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Greetings Everyone!

     Infamy is allowing Free Name Change to those only with inappropriate names on their character, pet, etc. {Check here to see the rules regarding to the names affected: http://www.infamyro.com/portal/service/regras/}

     Within this time starting now. We're allowing players to register until 6th October, Friday, to be able to change their name! The reason we are doing this is to give a chance for those with such names to change it and to ban all the characters left with those such names right after this event ends.

To Register, go to this link, and post your character or your characters that have inappropriate names. Just register the account that have the character with such name.

NOTE: We will disregard those who registered with no such names.

The Renaming of Names stars on Oct 7, 2017. All those who didn't register won't be able to to participate on the said date.

Register here: http://forum.infamyro.com/index.php?/topic/1040-inappropriate-name-change-registration/


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